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Did you ever think that writing reviews, clicking on ads, simple browsing, listening to music etc. on the internet can make you earn money. If you are looking for some easy ways of money without needing to be a SEO expert just read through the article. Each of the below websites will give you insights on how to earn money in different and interesting ways.


1. SliceThePie






What exactly is Slicethepie?

We all love music. Don’t we? And all our opinions matter and can be written and published for helping the artists know about the likes and dislikes of a common man just to bring some more entertainment to the music industry. In addition to that for each review online you are getting paid. What can be better than that?


How to earn money?

If you want to get real money, quickly register to Slicethepie.  It’s by far the largest paying website which pays you on writing back a review. You just have to leave a review and check your PayPal account regularly. Whoa! Is this that simple as it looks like? Very much, you just need to get a hang of it and be active and provide honest feedback.

The better you write adhering to the terms and conditions the more you earn. Isn’t that exciting? If you haven’t yet created a Slicethepie login do it right now and earn the easy way!

This website started in the year 2007, which is about the time my friend started Piano Hunter and it allowed unknown singers and artists to get their music reviewed. They would let them know if people liked them, hated them or wanted them to improve. For the artists who had got, great reviews would even get few offers in the music industry.

  1. After creating your account, you need to login first.
  2. Choose the category depending upon your likes and dislikes.
  3. If you have selected ‘Music’ for example, select the track from the display and click the play button. You can listen to the song and at the same time write the review. In this case, you have to listen to the track for at least 90 seconds.
  4. Once you have done all the above you can rate the song on a scale of 1 to 10. Click submit.
  5. You can then select another category and follow the same steps.
  6. For mobile and fashion categories you can talk about design, material, cloth, color etc.
  7. Again rate as per your wish and submit the review. Rate the item out of 10 and answer any other questions. If you are happy with the review move to another one and submit them accordingly. You just need to have writing skills and a stable internet connection for the above. Download the Slicethepie app right now and start playing.


Things to remember

  1. Don’t forget to write about your likes and dislikes for that track. You can talk about rhythm, productions, lyrics, beats, vocals etc.
  2. Be honest in your reviews, as it might give confidence to the artists as the reviews also go up to them.

2. Inbox Pounds

Inbox Pounds


What exactly is InboxPounds?

InboxPounds is actually the latest version of Inbox Dollars available only for United Kingdom people to enroll and earn money in the quickest way possible. You just need to be active and write a product review ecommerce site like or play some games online.

This website allows all to sign up for free and do their regular day to day job which they come and do online like writing emails, reading etc. At Inbox Pounds you can get up to 20 pounds one time at a max for doing some activities. For this, you can earn also earn gift vouchers or cards.

Rewards websites are able to pay their users because they partner with other product testing companies who will use you for market research and feedback. This allows them a wide audience for study, and better enables them to make choices about their products, services, and marketing in the future.


How to earn money?

On this website, once you are registered with your email id you can earn easily by reading or writing emails, browsing the web, playing games, writing reviews for products and a lot more. You just need to have a connection with good bandwidth and a free mind to do what interests you. You don’t believe it. Then why not try for yourself?


Things to remember

  1. The thing which they don’t mention anywhere is the exact amount they will pay you for each of those reviews taken or games played. Hence it may take a long time for you to figure out how to earn fast.
  2. With a rewards websites like InboxPounds since you would need to read emails, it would be required for you to Sign up to a different account for this activity. As it might end up spamming your inbox.
  3. Also please verify before subscribing after reading any emails as you might end up paying some money to the websites. So better be careful on that front.


3. Top Cashback

Top Cashback


What exactly is Topcashback?

Topcashback site is for those who are not here to earn money but just want to save a little on things which they are willing to buy anyways!

Are you looking to buy a finance product or a car insurance? Better to buy things online using Topcashback. Just click the company and go via a Topcashback site. The process of buying is the same, the only difference being that you buy from the Cashback service giving yourself an opportunity to get a cash back on the amount you paid. The range varies depending upon the categories. Highest paid cashback is for some mobile contracts and the low ones are usually for the retail items.

They claim to offer their users 100% of the commission they earn from merchants and instead make their money from hitting bonuses with select merchants and displaying merchants prominently on their website/newsletters.


How to earn money?

If you frequently shop online, then register yourself with this Cashback website. Signing up is free after giving your email id for verification. If you think it’s asking for other details, just ignore. Once you are registered check for the retailer you want to choose and buy the product from. Click the cashback site for Argos or any other retailer to get yourself enabled for cashback.


Things to remember

  1. Once you buy a particular product from that cashback website after logging in, you are tracked. As they have your back account details, they deduct the required amount and pay the cashback to the same account.
  2. You need to ensure that you keep a track of the cashback amount which they will refund. Also, it might take weeks or months to get this cashback, so be patient and make the maximum use of it.
  3. Don’t just go with the highest cash back rates offered. Do your homework, you can also set Cashback monitor for getting instant alerts in case any merchants are providing X% discount or cashback. Few portals also give airline miles, some give hotel points etc. which might end up as a better deal.


3. Nielsen



What exactly Nielsen?

Nielsen Digital Voice is an app which we need to install in our computer. Once you browse the internet it tracks your internet usage, as Nielsen does that for your TV viewership. It hardly takes any effort and you can continue browsing the internet without any other issues.

Of course, you will think about your safety first and all your data will be exposed to the Nielsen software once it’s installed in your PC. You need to understand that the program does not read your emails or documents. It will only track your flow when you use the browser for internet. No information will be sent to Nielsen apart from the sites you went through.

As mentioned earlier, Nielsen Digital Voice is a part of Nielsen, which is a reputable company for a long time. It is trusted by hundreds of families in various countries for a century now. Hence please remember this is the mind that your data will not be compromised in any way.


How to earn money?

Open your browser and look for the Nielsen Digital Voice program software. Once you download its executable version which will be in exec format. When you run it a wizard will guide you on to install the software. You just need to blindly follow the instructions. In 10 minutes the set up will be completed and you can see the icon on your desktop.

Ensure you have admin rights on your computer so that there are no access issues for downloading Nssetup.exe or NielsenOnline.exe.

You actually make money using this app by something called as automatic sweep stake entries. You could win money by just entering into a monthly draw.  Each month you can chase an amount of 10,000 $ and end up winning the same. Around close to 400 participants win each month. If you love browsing you can try your luck with Nielsen.

You can also take short surveys available on their app. By doing this you will mark your entry to the lucky draw for that month. The surveys if taken do not give you any money but an opportunity like never before. You just have to complete the surveys and you enter the next competition. Your chances of winning will be higher if you are part of an active panelist and complete all the surveys.

This is a good way of earning money in between $10 to $1000 just by installing a simple app. What do you think?


Things to remember

  1. It might just make your computer slow. Though the program installed will take very less memory and will run in the background but if your system is not updated and already has a lot of programs, you might end up complaining or the slowness.


5. Qmee



What exactly is Qmee?

Qmee has been on the internet since 2012, it is a company that helps in reaching the targeted users for the advertisers. Qmee has come up with an extension or a software which you need to install and enable in the browsers you are using on your MAC or laptop. So if you browse a lot and search things online, Qmee is just for you! Ready to earn some money?


How to earn money?

Qmee extension can be searched online and downloaded. Once run it will be installed on your PC. Once it is enabled you will start seeing a left navigation bar with lots of free advertisements. Since they make money out of these, you just have to click their links and ensure you are directed to their pages/websites. In this case, both the advertiser and you end up earning some money. Once you get regular into this activity you end up making good money.

On clicking, the left-hand side displayed links, earnings for what you have clicked will get deposited in your bank account. The green button on the top of the page can take you to view all your earnings. That gives a big picture as to what you have earned till date after clicking those hundreds of links. You can withdraw your earnings later using PayPal or any other required mode.

List of search sites which can be used with Qmee extension –

  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • eBay

Working with the popular search engines. it helps you to put no extra effort and do your regular browsing along with clicking some links here and there. This makes earning money so easy with Qmee. The extension is free and so easy o install. You just have to provide your email address add a password so that you can login using that Username. Once you verify your email address your profile gets created and then you can start earning.


Things to remember

  1. You can anytime disable this extension if you don’t want to continue.
  2. You can get referrals for earning more money.
  3. You need to be in the UK or the US to withdraw your money, hence location matters.


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