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Best Product Testing Panels to Register as a Product Tester

Are you looking for product testing panels which offer gift cards and goodies for writing just a review and sharing your opinion?

This article can help you know the websites on which you can register and earn the perks. If you are free at home and want to do some job that makes easy and quick money, go through the article and register to more than one site. Isn’t that easy?


Influenster – If you are good in social networking, this site is best for you. If you are lucky and you register with them, you get a chance of receiving the “Vox Box” which is a release they do every month which is a kit of full sized products. If you are happy with the products let them know, and you will be rewarded.


Mom’s Meet – If you would like to test all green products here you go. Moms meet provides you with products that can be tested and shared across groups for a feedback. You can also be their brand ambassador if you get lucky!


HomeSchool – The Product Tester program at HomeSchool is a win-win for both the testers and the company. The homeschoolers receive products for testing. They are selected on a random basis, based on age, profile, and feedback. The ones selected are sent products for which you can write online reviews and win gifts.




House Party – Looks like getting props for throwing your party. If a group of your friends and you are interested in joining House Party, you can even get a chance to keep the products for free. All you have to do is register with them and send them the feedback.


Pinch Me – Get yourself verified once they send you a confirmation code on your phone. You then receive free samples to test and give the review. All you need to do is pinch yourself and register!




Naturally Savvy – By the name, you can guess that here you are given some ‘green’ products to test, unlike other product testing websites. Go green and complete your registration.


InStyle Trendsetters – Here you can help yourselves by winning thank you gift cards which you can save for Christmas. Just be an insider and keep writing reviews. Help them evaluating brands and you can win a lot.


BetaBound – The beta versions can be tested here by just logging into their site and creating a profile for yourself. If you become a member you get an opportunity to test Apple, Logitech, Dell Kodak, Yahoo and many more companies with brand products. Isn’t that exciting?


Smiley 360 – Smiley 360 provides you a chance you win yourself with great products you will definitely love. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now.


She Speaks – She Speaks give you a variety of products from household to electronic. The experience here is great and they need quick testing to be done. So hurry up.

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