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5 Product Tester Jobs That Might Interest You

Are you getting bored of your current job? Then don’t wait and try these below options and enjoy being a product tester. The article speaks about 5 very interesting product tester jobs that might make you love them.

If you love playing around with products and understand how things work, this article is just for you.People who are Product testers are hired by huge marketing firms for the new product launches for their products.

They want to hire people who can test the products for them and provide them feedback before they are actually launched to the target audience.  The fun with this kind of job is that you get many chances to try out on new products before they are used by the common man. Though many firms give the products as payment but some of them offer an extra amount of testing too.


1. Cosmetics Product Tester




For some of the girls, it will definitely be a dream job. If you are put up somewhere near to your favorite lipstick brand, make sure you visit their headquarters. Nowadays a lot of brands target people to test products and in return, they give the same products as a hamper.

Many beauty and fashion magazines ask for details for contests. Once you fill out your details you get the sample at your door step. You are also at times expected to be a reader tester. With cosmetics like any other product has various factors to judge about. Is the durability good? Is the look coming out perfect? How long can it be there? And much more. All these answers will be answered on testing each of the products. Are you still thinking or ready to give a shot?


2. Consumer Taste Tester

Companies either contact their customer base or set up a taste panel. If you are a tastemaker at home, you can log in to their site and provide the opinion about any food. In this way, Taste testers help companies and firms to fine tune their products and then launch them in the market. If the feedback is really bad then they have a chance to save their brand image and reputation which is very important for the taste servers!


3. Luxury Car Test Driver

This is yet another full day job but people who are in love with cars and also have an urge to get that royal pleasure are a perfect fit for this job. The luxury car test driver takes the car off track into a private course and drives it to understand if it can be driven on the field or not. Of course, you need to understand the technical aspects for which you can get yourself trained! What can be better than driving a BMW, Ferrari or Porsche and also getting paid for it?




4. Professional Beer Taster

This is an actual job and the responsibility of the Beer tester is to travel to the supposedly bars and pubs and check if the beer has not changed its taste.

It means that ensuring that the beer is stored in the right vessels, kept at right temperatures and served correctly. It’s not just the taste but the presentation too. Due to all these factors, the task can be a full day hectic job. People who are beer testers check the aroma, taste, clarity etc. before the first serve is done.


5. Video Game Tester

The product testers can perform the tests on the products at their own home or visit the nearest headquarters. A lot of companies have come with the idea of making the test suites run by the audiences to get the real responses. Only some companies hire people in permanent jobs to do the task. Microsoft often posts invites to such events where they ask the general public to use the software and if your answers to the questions are approved, you can take home the software. Isn’t that cool?




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