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Product Testing Companies and Panels – Key Features of Top 3

You must be wondering if there are any product testing companies websites online which are for real and not a scam.

The below list gives you an idea and the key features for the top 3 websites which can help you earn some quick easy cash. Want to know more? Click on the below links and find yourselves!

Valued Opinions




  • VO as a survey panel which is run and owned by the company ResearchNow.
  • It is immensely popular due to its credibility. The site also claims a base membership of US citizen’s up to 600,000 with 13,000 plus people signing in recently a month ago! And all its members are in 37 countries.
  • Though this site is popular, unless you try it yourself you can’t really define if it gives you as claimed.
  • Once you register with them your inbox will be loaded with mails asking you to take surveys. You might also be asked to choose categories which you are interested in so that they send you similar mail briefs accordingly. This should not make you sad as at the end of the day you will be earing something.
  • The monetary compensation depends on how long you took the survey and what exactly went into it. You are paid in between $1-$5 per survey taken.
  • You need to wait at least a month for getting paid for the surveys you have taken. You can also track the number of surveys you have taken on their website by logging in. They also keep track of all your information.


Opinion Outpost 


opinion out


Opinion Outpost is one of the great sites which actually pay you. Yes, you heard it right. If you want to know more about OO go through the below points which speak more about OO in details.

  • You get awarded by cash or Amazon gift cards depending on your activity once you log in. You can also get points known as opinion points which can be converted later to cash amount.
  • A key feature of this website is that it gives you a chance to do some charity. This option gets enabled when you try to draw your cash amount after taking the surveys.
  • $5 (or 50 points) is the minimum you get when you complete all the surveys. This amount is for Amazon codes for the others like PayPal it is 10$. The processing happens immediately and there is no waiting time.
  • When you take the survey, you know whether it’s going to take 5 minutes or 40 minutes. If you do not match their requirement, you are not able to take the full survey. Surveys are provided on the basis of given demographic backgrounds – segmented based on age, gender, location, etc.
  • You also get a chance to win instantly with other campaigns in case you are not fit for taking the current surveys.
  • This is for people who are located in North America and Europe.
  • The age criteria are 18 or above.


Mindfield Online


  • MindField is a subsidiary of McMillion Research, LLC. It is a prominent US-based company which works mainly on data collection. MF has got an A plus rating which means that it is one of the probable sites you can visit for earning quick money.
  • Once you are a member of MindField, you just need to activate your account by verifying your email id. Once you provide the required information to the website, your profile is good to go.
  • It just a matter of setting up an account, and here you see you will start getting emails to take many surveys.
  • If they like the details given in your profile, depending on your profile you will be sent emails with links to take the surveys. If you complete the survey on time you have made way for your first earning. Hurray!
  • MindField helps members to earn cash rewards. Before taking the survey you know how much you will earn. But in case you are disqualified or stopped from taking the survey it means that you have not fulfilled their criteria, hence were taken off the track to finish the survey.

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