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5 Product Testing Free Companies To Earn From

If you browse the internet and search for legitimate product testing companies from which you can earn real money like hard cash no coupons etc. there are hundreds. But how many Product testing companies actually fill your pockets and do not disappoint you. They gain your trust so that you can refer your friends and family or whoever is looking for fine opportunities to earn in an easy way!

Here is my list of the Top 5 Legitimate Product Testing/ Survey Companies you can trust and make a mark for yourself. Sign Up and check them out.


1. Swagbucks


SwagBucks is a very well know website established for quite a time now. They offer you great deals like instant Gift Cards online for free! You accumulate points based on your browsing and taking the maximum possible surveys. All you need to do is Sign up and get started. Have not really heard anything negative about the site. This is a great site for people who are looking for Gift cards and other fascinating offers with just investing few hours of your time.


2. Pinecone Research


Pinecone Research

This website has been on track for many years and has a proven record of customers active throughout. It has been a great website when it comes to earning money in an easy way.  They deal in getting surveys taken by people once they register on to their website and in turn repay an amount of $3 which is a good deal when compared to other websites.


3. Opinion Outpost


Opinion Outpost


This is yet another easy and good website among my favorites! You can very easily log in to the website, register yourself and get started. You have chances of winning various different Gift Cards from Amazon worth 5-20$. Using this site you are using your time efficiently by hardly putting any extra effort. You will be given few products for which you have to write product testing reviews by the way they look or feel. It is that simple. And save those cards for Christmas.


4. Inbox Pounds


Inbox Pounds

This is one among my favorites! InboxDollars is now the new InboxPounds. This website is very easy to function and is a great way of making instant money. Have some free time, your pocket is empty, try this website. You can just sit back and get money credited to your PayPal account by just putting in some time. They also have many ongoing schemes for registration and if you Sign up now you might end up getting the bonus too. So hurry up!



5. MySurvey



Now you know that taking surveys can make you richer! If you are the one who enjoys browsing the net and would love to submit surveys. You need to look at this website ‘mySurvey’ which offers good deals in turn asking for product reviews and surveys to be completed. Once your email has been registered with them, they are going to notify you on taking enough surveys. You need to get started.


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