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3 Product Testing Sites You Can’t Miss Signing Up For

Product testing sites you can’t miss signing up for.  If you like the idea of trying new things, making a difference to the consumer market and, of course, getting free stuff, consider joining some of the companies below. This is absolutely free.






This website offer users a lot of opportunities to work for different reputed brands and test their products. They provide you chance to test and give feedback for campaigns they carry out from cars to household applications, gadgets to drinks, chocolates to cosmetics like perfumes etc. In the current summer season, they have launched a project with Freixenet ICE Cava which is a drink for summers. So if you are willing to party with friends why not try to register here and try the new drink in town. They are very eager to know what you think about the product.

They motivate their members to take part in the campaigns with full excitement. They want their customers to be fully involved and know their love for the products as well! Once you register with TRND and complete the details on their website, they are going to thank you for the effort and send you enough information to start on. You receive a project start kit which you can apply in your daily life. They let you know the product well in advance so that you can help them spreading a word of good mouth with your family and friends. By doing this if you help them sharing the opinions and make the product a household name, they reward you with ‘wombats’ which can be tracked on your ‘mytrnd’ page.

You can Sign Up now using this link. Hurry!


Tesco Orchard



Tesco Orchard is a dedicated panel for product testing which allows you to register to their website for free and help them make things better for you. They reward you with vouchers that can be redeemed at any nearest store.

You as a Tesco member are required to give reviews or tweet ion twitter. You can also share these opinions on Facebook. The more reports in the form of conversation you write, you are more eligible to win those vouchers from them. Isn’t that easy?

There are ongoing campaigns which look very interesting and depending on the season you have summer special which cannot be missed for sure. So what are you waiting for Sign Up now? Below is the link where you can fill your details and grab on those exciting vouchers!

Sign Up now


The Insiders


The Insiders is the great website which helps you in networking for people who love to share their experience on products they have tested and used. It binds people across Europe and helps in spreading information about many products.

Once you register with them they share with you a testing kit which has the product with instructions. Easy to follow and testing can be started as per your time and need. You get rewarded by points for completing the reviews and spreading a word of mouth. Later you can redeem the vouchers and get yourself loaded with cash.

The ongoing campaign target Men audience and you can get yourself started right now. They look at your profile and send you an invite if they find you good to start. You need to go to any of the current campaigns and start. Ensure that you read all the terms and conditions. In the case of some product testing campaigns, you need to give your bank account details so that if some damage happens to their product they can deduct the money from your account. This is true for LG smartphone campaign.

The Insiders is a great way of keeping yourself updated with the new product launches. If you like it then you can enroll now with the below link.

Sign Up Now

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